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Choose Candles for Great
Christmas Centerpieces

At Christmastime, things are pretty hectic around our house.  Between shopping for Christmas presents, mailing cards to family and friends, and decorating for the holidays, it seems like Pine Cone Taper Candle Holders from Candlebay are great for Christmas centerpiecesthere isn’t a minute to spare.  That’s one reason why Christmas candles are so great – in a heartbeat you can fill a room with holiday colors and scents!  Choosing colorful Christmas candles with a great candleholder, or selecting wonderfully shaped Christmas candles to use as a Christmas centerpiece can instantly decorate your holiday table.

Christmas Candles and Candle Holders is known for offering unique Christmas decorations, and this year is no exception.  For a simple yet very attractive centerpiece that won’t take up a lot of room on your table, try their realistic Pine Cone Taper Holders.  With delicately frosted tips, these beauties will hold tapers of any color to match your décor.  CandleBay sells the tapers too.

For a slightly more elegant Christmas centerpiece both kids and adults will love, make the White Glittered Reindeer Taper Holders a special part of your decorations.  Both the buck and the doe are nestled gently on the table, and by adding the beautiful birch tapers, you’ll add a real nature touch to the meal.

Bring the A peppermint scented candy cane candle is one of many candles from CandleBay used for great Christmas centerpieceswhimsy of the holiday to your dining table by placing a delicious peppermint scented candy cane candle from CandleBay.  For extra fun, get the matching Christmas candle holder, complete with dancing gingerbread men, and you’ll have a centerpiece that will last for many years to come.

Gorgeous Shaped Candles As Christmas Centerpieces

It’s easy to have an instant classic Christmas Centerpiece when you put a shaped candle in the middle of the dinner table.  I love the CandleBay Gingerbread Gumdrop House with mock frosting snow, gumdrops tiptoeing along the roof and smiling ginger bread door men; it reminds us of all the sweet special things of the Christmas season.

If the kids just love Santa, bring him to your table with an adorably chubby Santa Claus Beaded Candle.  Surround him with some peppermint scented snowmen candles, and in just seconds you’ll have a festive Christmas centerpiece complete with color, fragrance and joy.

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