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Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Women love romance, and there’s nothing more romantic than the soft glow of candlelight. With a few scented candles, you can set a mood to help any woman relax, meditate or simply enjoy time alone—especially when accompanied by soft music, a warm bath or an intimate meal. So as the holidays approach this year Red ginger scented candles from Illuminations are one of many Christmas gift ideas for womenand you need Christmas gift ideas for women, consider buying candles.  Candles at Christmas are a timeless gift women love!

Christmas Candle Gifts That Soothe & Relax

For the homebody in your life, Illuminations Classic Signature Scents Candles could be just the thing to help set the tone for her relaxing evening at home.

Available in a variety of scents from refreshing vanilla mint to red ginger, apple cinnamon or mulled wine, these beautiful candles are affordably priced and provide many hours of enjoyable fragrance sure to please any woman on your Christmas list.

Aromatherapy Candles, hot on the scene today, contain essential oils with intense, relaxing scents that promote relaxation and healing. Providing a pleasing, enjoyable, deeply restful experience, aromatherapy candles come in small votive gift sets or decorative keepsake containers for bursts of fragrance she can enjoy day or night.

Add a small or medium frosted vase, and your aromatic gift becomes a vision of beauty, especially when placed on a fireplace hearth, mantel or mirrored tabletop.

Christmas Candle Gifts to Share With Others

Jar candles, strategically placed on entry tables or bathroom counters, present an open, welcoming invitation for guests to enjoy. An enticing solution for women on your Christmas gift list, these remain relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any woman’s taste in fragrance. 

Perhaps your best friend or favorite aunt enjoys entertaining at home around a festive holiday spread. Floating candles in a glass bowl might be the perfect Christmas gift for a woman like this—and provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that will make her glow with pride. 

To celebrate the holidays, try a gift of snowflake candles, Christmas doves or peppermint floaters, surrounded by holiday garland and holly berries; for Thanksgiving, nothing says fall like acorns with leaves or cute little pumpkins. With the coming of spring, birds of paradise, butterflies, day lilies or floating dragonflies bring a breath of fresh air to a centerpiece, and help ready guests for summer’s warmth.

Christmas Candle Gifts That Bring a Smile

Candles make an enjoyable, affordable gift any woman will love. So don’t struggle with your Christmas list this year. Check out our favorites and find just the right gift for that friend, family member, favorite teacher or coworker. She’ll reward you with a sparkling smile—and you’ll save time and money shopping for candles at Christmas online!

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