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Christmas Gifts for Mom

What’s harder than finding a needle in a haystack?  For some, it’s finding the perfect Christmas gifts for mom!  Red etched tealight candle holder from Illuminations makes a great Christmas gift for momOdds are your mom is at the top (or nearly!) of your Christmas shopping list.  But what do you give someone who gives so much to others 365 days a year?  While you may search the mall and catalogs for the perfect ensemble or gadget, there’s one thing Mom is always sure to love – beautiful, fragrant Christmas candles.

There are many candles that can hold their own as the centerpiece gift of her holiday season.  Find a candleholder that reflects mom’s personal taste and fill it with a scented candle she’ll enjoy long after the Christmas decorations are tucked away until next year. 

Christmas Gifts That Give Year-Round

Maybe your mother would love an elegant crystal or silver candelabra to grace her dining room table throughout the year, changing the tapers to match the occasion?  Include a collection of assorted colors and styles, such as tall fluted tapers in white, silver, and red.

If mom is a gardener, look for votive holders that can hang from tree branches or posts placed in the garden, their twinkling flames adding a magical touch to any summer evening. 

An assortment of floral or aromatherapy scented votives and pillars to place around her tub, along with scented soaps and essential bath oils, will create a spa experience.  Be sure to include a good book to make the mini-retreat complete! 

Gifts With A Holiday Theme

Of course, holiday themed candles, shaped like Santa or Christmas Trees, make charming additions to her Christmas décor.  Floating candles, such as delicate white snowflakes or yummy peppermint candies, look lovely in a clear glass bowl. 

A collection of holiday scented tarts in fragrant pine or spicy cinnamon, combined with a Christmas tree shaped tart burner, puts a holiday scent in the air.  Thick pillars in colorful greens or reds, silvers or whites add festive color to any room.  Choose a pedestal candleholder to complement mom’s furnishings and pick a scent you know she’ll love.

For Moms Who Love to Bake

Do thoughts of Christmas bring to mind special treats mom whips up in the kitchen, filling her home with a wonderful aroma?  Then treat mom to scented candles offering the fragrance of vanilla sugar cookies, baked apples, or an inviting mocha latte.  Bring a box of bakery treats too, and mom can relax and enjoy the holidays with a little less fuss--except the fuss you make over her!  

Recommended Merchants

100 – Explore their collection of tapers, including fluted tapers, scented pillars and soaps.  If you’re looking for unique votive holders or candelabras, their selection is excellent.

Illuminations Candles– Always known for their outstanding scented candles, Illuminations offers both classic scents and special fragrances, plus candle holders, for each holiday season.  Make sure to look through their selection of floating candles, both scented and unscented, and terrific matching glass bowls. 

Discount Candle – This company has the finest selection of floating and shaped candles for Christmas and any time of the year.  Though they only offer a dozen scents, the pillars at are delicious.