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Corporate Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect corporate Christmas gift is a daunting task.  Sure candy or a fruit basket is nice, but isn’t that just repeating the same old thing?  Your job is to find something special your recipient will love at a price your boss will love.  For Hatbox Gift Sets from 100 Candles makes great corporate Christmas Gifts for womensomething new, different – and great – choose a Christmas candle for your corporate holiday gift!

Corporate Christmas Gifts for Women

To be a hero, find a gift that looks expensive but really isn’t, like the beautifully decorated AromaZone or Hatbox gift sets from  The delicately feminine containers will be treasured long after the deliciously scented candles have been enjoyed, which means your client will always remember you for such a wonderful gift.  No need to worry about which scent to choose – every choice will be a hit.

For a whimsical choice, try a peppemint scented pillar candle with a matching candle holder complete with dancing gingerbread men from  This gift is a perfect way to combine the scent and colors of the holiday season for something extra special that fits every Leather Bohemian Pillar candles from CandleBay makes great corporate Christmas gifts for menspecial person on your corporate gift list.

If you would prefer something a little more sophisticated, CandleBay’s Christmas Candle offerings include a pair of delicate white glittered reindeer taper holders which are perfectly matched to a set of birch tapers that will look gorgeous on anyone’s table.  A simple yet elegant choice is their Glitter Pillars with Jingle Bell Set, which includes a deep red glittered candle sitting on a classic metal tray holder with a jingle bells to wreath the candle’s base.  Stunning!

Corporate Christmas Gifts for Men

Yes, there are candles which men would enjoy as Christmas gifts.  You just need to know where to look, and we’re happy to show you.

Consider the Esque Mahogany Globe from  They’ve mastered the art of painting with wax, swirling gold accents inside a brown glass globe, which is then filled with a relaxing scent called Mysteria.  It even comes in a gift box!

CandleBay also has some manly candle gifts, like the Leather Bohemian Pillar Candles which are part of their Far East Collection.  These carved pillars come in a deep brown color with a Moroccan wood scent mixing cedarwood with spices and amber.  If you know your recipients well, have a little fun with the CandleBay Casino Collection, with fun shaped candles like stacks of poker chips, or shimmering electroplated dice.

Man or woman, young or not-so-young, there’s a candle that’s just right for each person on your corporate Christmas gift list.