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Quick Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas
Sure To Bring A Smile

Sticking to your budget during the holidays can make shopping a challenge, but with candles, you can find a delightful variety of inexpensive Christmas gift ideas.  By giving a scented Christmas candle gift, you’ll be appreciated A pumpkin scented jar candle from Illuminations is one of many quick and inexpensive Christmas gift ideas each time the candle’s delicate aroma fills the room, long after the tinsel and Christmas tree is gone.

Hostess Christmas Gift Ideas

Perhaps you have a holiday potluck or open house to attend.  Why not choose a hostess gift that will complement the food that you bring to the party?  For instance, bring a pumpkin pie and while you’re at it, bring your hostess a pumpkin pie scented jar candle, to keep a delicious scent in the air long after the cake is gone.  You can do the same thing with vanilla pound cake or even eggnog!

Maybe you know someone who is celebrating their first holiday in their first home.  What a great reason to put together something special to grace a coffee table, or even serve as a center piece.  Start with a glass cylinder hurricane vase, fill the base with crystal pebbles and then add an artificial sprig of holly.  Wrap this up, along with a dark red floating candle, and for fun, add a bottle of water, wrapped with red ribbon.  Your hostess will really enjoy filling her vase with water and lighting her candle as it floats above the holly and pebbles

Simple Yet Elegant Christmas Gift Suggestions

If an elegant candle gift seems most appropriate, but you worry about finding the perfect item at an affordable price, don’t worry.  Onyx tealight orbs make a stylish statement as the light from the candle within glows warmly through the creamy onyx, illuminating whatever setting it complements, from mantles, to bathtubs! 
Even a simple cinnamon-bark scented pillar, placed on a beautiful alabaster plate will delight the recipient.  There are so many choices of seasonal candle fragrances and even more wonderful candleholders to choose from.  With very little trouble you can find the ideal gift, and they’ll never guess you were shopping on a budget!

Selected Merchants

Illuminations – The selection of jar scented candles or shaped candles is fantastic here, and you’ll also find stylish candle holders, like alabaster plates, hurricane candle holders, and stunning candelabras.  Illuminations has a terrific offer to save 15% off the entire order plus free shipping on orders over $75!