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Add Romance to Your St. Valentine’s Day by Choosing the
Right Valentine’s Day Candles

Romance fills the air each Valentine’s Day.  The scent of roses permeates the air, songs of love fill the Shop Now Valentines Day Candle Shopairwaves, and the stores brim with wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts in red, pink and white.  For one day the world becomes a very sensual place.  Valentine’s Day candles help to heighten that experience by touching so many senses at once – the delicate glow of the burning wick, the exquisite fragrance of the scented wax, and the gentle Red And White Rose Shaped Floating Candles From Illuminations.comwarmth of the flame.  If you want the love of your life to know the passion you feel for them, we’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to use special holiday candles to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Start With Roses on Valentine’s Day

Roses traditionally are the flowers representing love and beauty.  But the problem with sending a dozen live roses, besides setting you back a fortune on Valentine’s Day, is that before you know it, they’ve wilted away.  On the other hand, rose candles can last almost forever!

When it comes to rose candles, the choices are amazing!  There are rose floating candles resting atop water in a beautiful bowl, rose shaped candles that offer a constant delicious fragrance, and rose scented jar candles in assorted sizes to fit any budget.

Make Dinner More Romantic with Beautiful Tapered Candles

Just the thought of Valentine’s Day dinner by candlelight instantly conjures a romantic feeling for almost everyone. An extra special mean with your love’s favorite tidbits, whether filet mignon or meat loaf, tastes even better when enjoyed by the gentle glow provided by the flames of just a few candles.  Of course a pair of long slender tapers in gorgeous candle holders or candelabra makes the most of this opportunity.  Whether you choose traditional slender white taper candles or select a shade of taper that matches your décor, the effect will generate the romantic effect you desire!

Do Something Special With Candlelight for Your Special Someone

Show how much you love someone by creating a special experience for them as a special Valentine’s Day gift.  Imagine the love of your life coming home to discover a hot, luxurious bath already drawn, in a room lit only by gently burning candles, perhaps with a glass of wine sitting along side the tub.  All the cares of their day will disappear in minutes in such a relaxing environment, and they’ll emerge from their bath feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy a special evening with you. 

If there isn’t time before dinner for a bath, make your time after dinner more romantic by spending time in a candlelit room.  Candles can turn that room into a very sensual place, as their delicate light soothes the eyes, their fragrance tickles your nose and calms your mind, while even the heat of multiple candles can provide a gentle warmth to your skin. 

The essential oils in aromatherapy candles have even been shown to inspire romance.  Choose aromatherapy candles containing rose, ylang ylang, jasmine or sandalwood to generate a passionate mood.  Cedarwood helps to relieve stress, while lavender is known for tenderness. 

Choose The Right Candles For Your Special Valentine’s Day

Whatever gift or mood you’re searching for, you can find just what you need in our Valentine’s Day Candle Shop.  Order now, then get ready for your most romantic day of the year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!