Ah, The Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

January 22nd, 2008 by Jeannine C

There’s nothing more versatile than hurricane candle holders.  Tall and clear, almost any type of candle looks great in these Click Here For More - Temple Of Twigs Glass Candle Holders glass cylinders.  The number of looks available with a glass hurricane candle holder is limited only by your imagination.

Glass cylinders give you the chance to bring a vision to life, especially if you’re trying to match a specific décor or color scheme.  Fill the bottom of the cylinder with something colorful that compliments your room color, like glass marbles, or compliments your theme, like seashells or sand, then place a candle securely on top.  Personally I like to use a short scented pillar, usually a 3” size, so we can enjoy both color and fragrance.

One of the most aromatic ways to use a glass cylinder is by filling the base with coffee beans, then placing a white or ivory candle on top.  The fragrance of the beans will gently fill the room, and will become even stronger when the candle is lit.  The result is absolutely irresistible!  By the way, this makes a great gift for coffee-loving friends.

I like to decorate for the holidays by filling the glass cylinder base with things like red hearts at Valentine’s Day, orange marbles for Halloween, and shiny little ornaments at Christmas.  It’s colorful, inexpensive, and I can change it every year so I never get bored.

Make sure to keep a few glass cylinder candle holders in assorted sizes around your house, and let your imagination run wild!

Listen to Ah, The Glass Hurricane Candle Holder
Listen to Ah, The Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

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