Candle and Candle Wax Cleaning Tips

February 13th, 2008 by Jeannine C

Some folks are hesitant to enjoy the candles because Cleaning Tips For Melting Candlesof worries about cleaning candles or candle wax from various surfaces  like candle holders, table cloths or carpeting.  I’ve gathered some ideas from sites like and to help you enjoy your candles without worry.

Removing nicks from candles – Improve the look of dusty or nicked candles with an old pair of pantyhose.  Using the hose like a glove, simply rub out the problem. 

Removing white coating from candles – This coating, known as “bloom”, can develop on candles stored in cold temperatures.  Put your hair dryer setting on low, and gently apply low heat to your candle.  Usually the bloom will disappear within 15 seconds.

Getting wax out of votive candle holders – place ¼” of water at the bottom of the glass votive holder when lighting the candle.  This will prevent the hot wax from sticking to the glass, and will also ensure that you won’t burn the candle too low as well (stop burning all candles when they are less than ¼” tall).

How to remove wax from carpet – Begin by scraping up the excess wax with a butter knife or other dull edge.  Put a paper bag over the remaining wax, then press gently on the bag with a warm iron.  The wax should transfer to the paper bag.  You may need to test several settings on the iron to determine the sufficient level of heat to melt the wax Keep using clean parts of the bag so you don’t accidentally put any wax back in the carpet.  Repeat the process until your rug is wax free.  One note, however – if the wax has artificial color, you may not be able to get the color out of your carpet.

Some people have also suggested using an old towel or even white paper towels instead of the paper bag.

Make sure that whatever you use doesn’t contain any color or dye so that you’ll avoid dye transfer into the rug. 

Removing candle wax from tablecloths or cloth napkins – Start by placing an ice cube or ice pack on the wax to harden it.  Once the wax becomes brittle, use a dull edge to scrape away as much wax as possible.  Some people like using a credit card for this purpose; just make sure if you use a knife that the edge is not serrated, which could damage the cloth.

Next, follow similar directions as removing wax from carpets; place one paper bag underneath the cloth, another paper bag on top of the wax, and apply heat through a warm iron.  Again, test various heat settings to find one sufficient to transfer the wax to the top paper bag; you should be safe starting with a medium setting.

If colored wax left a stain, pre-treat the stain and launder the soiled fabric as soon as possible.  Toss in a color-absorbing laundry sheet (Shout makes these) to prevent color transfer to any other items in the wash load.


Listen to Candle and Candle Wax Cleaning Tips
Listen to Candle and Candle Wax Cleaning Tips

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