Candle Bay Christmas Candles Now On Sale

January 3rd, 2008 by Jeannine C

I was hoping they would do this.  Candle Bay has absolutely the cutest collection of shaped Christmas candles available Christmas Candle Gift Shop anywhere on line, and now they’ve finally put them on sale.  To be fair, I’ll give you a chance to buy some before I buy them all up to use as gifts for next year!CandleBay - Gingerbread Gumdrop House

All my favorites are on sale now, including the adorable Frosted Candyland Pillar Candles and their matching Ceramic Gingerbread Candle Holder.  (I’ve put all these items in our Christmas Candle Shop so they’re easy for you to find!)  These peppermint stripped candles have a Christmas tree surrounding the wick, and offer a peppermint fragrance highlight with a hint of berries.  They are so cute, and you get the benefit of a scented candle in as well as a terrific decoration.

The Gingerbread Gumdrop House makes a fantastic centerpiece or decoration on any table.  Since it’s made of wax instead of actual gingerbread, this decoration can last for years too.  The kids will have to look closely to make sure that this is really a candle, since the gumdrops, icing on the rooftop and smiling gingerbread people flanking the door.  If you regularly participate in $10 gift exchanges, this gift would be a huge hit – everyone will realize it actually is worth more, but you’ll be telling the truth about staying within the agreed budget.  I love doing that.

Listen to Candle Bay Christmas Candles Now On Sale
Listen to Candle Bay Christmas Candles Now On Sale

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