Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts – Try a Koala Bear Candle!

January 7th, 2008 by Jeannine C

When I give a gift, I try to make it special, make it unique.  I like standing out from the crowd!  When it comes to Valentine’s Day,Koal Bear it’s not always easy finding a unique Valentine’s Day gift, so I’m going to share several ideas with you over the next few weeks on things you significant other (yes, both men and women!)Koala Bear Candle - Part Of The Animal Shaped Critter Candle Selection From DiscountCandles.com would love to get that they will always remember.

One such gift is the great Koala Bear candle, one of the wonderful shaped candles from Discount Candle Shop.  One of the things that make these animals so appealing is their peaceful faces with sleepy eyes encircling those endearing noses only a mother could love.  Through a special process of multi-stage pouring and hand painting, the artist has truly captured their soft, cuddly appeal in wax.  As the mother climbs the tree, baby clinging to her back, you almost want to pet them. 

I know that when I get a special candle I want to keep it just as it is, and thus never actually light it.  The great part about this candle is that it’s wide enough to hold a tealight candle – once you’ve burned it for a few hours, just place a tealight into the burn hole, then you can enjoy it as a truly special candle holder forever.

If you have a koala bear lover – or just an animal lover – on your Valentine’s Day gift list, this candle will make you a hero.  It’s adorable, affordable, and easy to order online.   What are you waiting for?

Listen to Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts – Try a Koala Bear Candle!
Listen to Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts – Try a Koala Bear Candle!

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